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What will it cost?

Hour Car is a thriving Car Share Scheme, which has been operating in the upper Calder Valley for more than 19 years. 


  • £4.20 per hour for the first three hours, then £2.10 per hour

  • The rate for any period up to 24 hours is capped at £37.00

  • The rate for a week (7 x 24 hours) is capped at £185

  • The mileage rate is based on the cost of fuel.  When petrol pump prices average £1.50 it is 26p.  You do not pay for any fuel you put in for shorter trips

  • For long mileages over 100 miles per day or 200 miles per multi-day trip, you pay for the fuel yourself.  Provided there is at least as much fuel as at the start of the journey, there will be no mileage charge

  • £125 per year for the first member of a household or business, then £60 for each subsequent member

  • Or you can pay £12.50 or £6.00 for each subsequent member per month by Standing Order

  • There is a one-off joining fee of £25

Car usage

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