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  • Doesn't Car Share just mean giving lifts?
    No that's a RIDESHARE scheme; CAR SHARE is where the vehicles are jointly owned and shared, sometimes called Car Clubs. When you want to go somewhere you book one of the scheme vehicles, collect the keys and you drive it.
  • Can I get a car when I want one?
    Usually, yes. At popular times of the year, such as Bank Holidays, they can be booked up well in advance. But most times there is a car free that members can use and if you are well enough organised to book a week in advance you will nearly always get one.
  • What happens if I run low on fuel?
    For most cars and most journeys, simply fill up at any filling station and the amount spent will be refunded off your next bill. You will pay a mileage charge along with the usage charge for how long you have the car. For longer trips, you just put in enough fuel to cover the trip and there is no mileage charge so you only pay the usage charge. For the MG5 EV (our fully electric car), there are cards you can use to purchase a top up of electric charge at many charging points, but if you pay yourself, or you charge at home, it will be reimbursed as above.
  • How do the hire costs work out for a weekend?
    Very competitive! Unlike car hire companies we charge by the half hour so it will depend when you are taking the car and bringing it back. Mileage costs will be on top of this for shorter journeys (under a 100 miles). For longer journeys you simply pay for your own fuel.
  • What about using an Hour Car car for a holiday?
    Although we calculate our car charges differently from hire companies, costs for a week's hire are good value at no more than £185 for a full week. But remember you will make a saving on this for a part week.
  • Is there access to children's seats and other resources?
    Yes, we have booster and children’s seats available. Get in touch with the Scheme Manager to find out more.
  • What about transporting pets?
    We allow dogs in the back of our larger cars, so long as there is a boot liner in place. Only pets in baskets/pet containers are allowed in the other cars or travelling inside the passenger section of any car. Get in touch with the Scheme Manager to find out more.
  • Will the vehicles be well maintained?
    Yes, we have a contract with a local garage to carry out regular services. Each vehicle is checked by staff on a regular basis and all drivers are required to carry out a basic checks before and after driving the vehicles.
  • I'm a bike rider. Does this fit with Hour Car membership?
    Hour Car membership could be an ideal option for bike riders. In this valley only the fittest cyclists can get out over the tops and using an Hour Car vehicle will extend your range greatly. Get in touch with the Scheme Manager for more information about borrowing a bike rack from us or using your own.
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